• Patrick Rizio

Free read

If you're visiting this site today, (7/24/19), you can see this website is new. A while back my old publisher, regrettably, went out of business. I decided to back up a bit and relaunch the book - new cover, new publisher, (I'm with Tablo Publishing now), and of course new website. It's pretty much the same deal as before, you can buy the e-book is $2.99 and the paperback is $14.99. But I am doing one more new thing - putting the book out there for free.

Beginning in August I'll be posting several pages, (or maybe a chapter), of the book every week. Not sure yet of the starting date but it will be a weekly thing. Anyone interested simply needs to come to this website once a week and they can read LaCost for free. (Once you get a few chapters in I hoping you'll want to keep turning pages).

Talk soon,


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