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Our old pal Albert

Everyone surely recognizes this iconic picture. Not everyone recognizes how well his theories of Relativity have held up. From predictions of the malleability of time to black holes and gravity waves. All done over 100 years ago. Incredible. Could his insights help with the newest problem in astrophysics?

The James Webb telescope has uncovered galaxies that apparently evolved in less time than we have come to expect it takes for galaxies to evolve. Could one answer be that time, in the early universe was different, allowing more things to happen in shorter periods? We know because of Relativity that time is malleable.

Einstein's theories have explained and predicted so many things, and yet, just like all science, we are moving beyond what he has taught us. Might we look to him, once again for an answer? Maybe, maybe not. One thing for sure. Albert is one of, if not the toughest acts to follow in physics.

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