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The search continues.

Updated: Mar 7

Above is an artist's conception of T01-715b. A planet about 137 light years away from earth. It was discovered using data from NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, (TESS). The planet is orbiting a red dwarf star and characterized as a habitable zone planet because it's distance from it's star puts it in the "goldilocks" zone. A distance from it's star that could give the planet the right temperature for liquid water to form. The planet is 1.5 times as wide as earth, and the star it orbits is approximately 6.6 billion years old, making it older than our sun.

Does this mean life could be found there?

Possibly, but probably not. Lots more boxes would have to be checked for that to happen. What is interesting though is the more we look, the more we find planets that are "earthlike" in one way or another. Considering the unimaginable number of planets we now know to be out there, to say we've barely scratched the surface is the mother of all understatements.

Odds are, the more we look the closer get to finding another earth.

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